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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Definitely NOT The Orient Express

My bed folded back into seats
Turns out those young guys weren't a problem at all -- really very nice as a matter of fact. Yes, they did stay up talking until after 1 a.m., BUT the real problem was the train itself. The bed was rock hard with a tiny pillow (love the comforter, though, just like I have everywhere). I didn't realize how many stops the train would make through the night, with a lot of banging and clanking each time. Definitely not what I was expecting!

Finally got up around 7:30 so I could clean up and have breakfast. We were in a station at the time so the shower wouldn't work. I did manage a quick wash-up and turned the bed back into seats. We were in Holland by then as I could tell from the Dutch writing on buildings the train passed.

Breakfast after a sleepless night
My welcome drink last night was a little bottle of pink champagne, but I only drank a little before dumping it out. I was feeling pretty sick and don't know if it was the champagne, the rich food at dinner, the amount of Radler, or a combination of all of it. This morning breakfast was a roll, turkey spread (like liverwurst), applesauce, orange juice, jelly, and a lovely pastry. The conductor brought me coffee instead of tea -- he really wasn't very attentive. My toilet paper roll had been very low when I got into the compartment last night and I asked for more. In the middle of the night, I had to put on my coat and walk down to the public facility at the end to swipe some paper. It smelled like a urinal! There's a bigger shower than what I have but I can't imagine staying in there long enough to shower, or putting anything on the floor.  P.S. He finally brought a roll in the morning.

Despite a less-than-wonderful night train trip, I still love traveling by train and plan to do it as often as possible!

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