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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Bon Jour, Paris!

Passport control at CDG
Arrived safely in Paris but it sure wasn't what I was expecting! Looooooooong flight but I must have dozed a little as I wasn't as tired as I was upon arrival in London in 2010. I stayed up really late Friday night so I'd sleep, but it didn't really work. Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) is huge and really spread out. I had done my homework but expected to come into the main terminal. Instead, I had to take a shuttle & walk forever. Eventually, I got to passport control and it took maybe 45 minutes to get through. Finally got to the tourist info booth where I picked up my museum pass and ticket for the RER/Metro to get into Paris. (Note:  not happy with the passport official who stamped right over my China entry stamp.)

Beautiful first day in Paris
Note to self:  flying into London was waaaaay easier because everything is in English!

This ended up being a long day. Because I got to the hotel early, of course the room wasn't ready so I left my bag and went out to catch the tour bus. I ended up staying on and just riding around as it was such a nice day (77 and sunny) and I was really too tired to do a lot of walking. However, I did get off at the Eiffel Tower to get something to eat, and again at Notre Dame to look around.

I can't say this enough:  Paris is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen!

Today's highlights (and lowlights):
  • Figured out the metro pretty quickly. Being in DC with Ian a month ago gave me some practice on the subway.
  • People here are hygiene-challenged.
  • The lines to get into Notre Dame stretched all the way to the other side of the square. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Streets of Paris jut in all directions like the spokes of a wheel.
  • Took me forever to find my hotel.
  • There's a Starbucks just a few blocks from my hotel. Yay!
  • No diet Coke here - just Coke Light and Coke Zero. Really expensive at a cafe or restaurant.
  • Had a Parisien hot dog -- it's a really long hot dog stuck into a baguette.
  • My hotel room is about the size of our guest room at home -- maybe a bit smaller even.

    Hot dog - Paris style
    My little hotel room

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