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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Awesome Toilet!

One of the shops in the Rue Cler
Feeling a bit adventuresome (and because I'm determined to ride as many modes of transportation as possible), I jumped on a city bus in Paris. Had to read the maps extensively but finally picked one that was headed to the Champ du Mars, which I knew was near the Eiffel Tower. Watched people getting on and off so I knew how to use my tickets, and it worked slick! When I got off the bus, there was a big thing that looked a bit like one of the news stands in New York, but turned out to be a free toilet. You push the button and the door slides open so you can go in (really big -- could accommodate a wheel chair, I think) and it automatically locks behind you. After you leave, it closes up again and the entire inside is drenched in a chemical shower that cleans and disinfects everything. It was awesome -- and free!

Because it was a lovely evening, I walked over to get a couple of pictures of the Eiffel Tower and to drop into a local neighborhood called Rue Cler where I bought some fruit and enjoyed the aroma of all of the flowers for sale!
Free toilet / shower

Off to Germany tomorrow!

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