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Friday, September 12, 2014

Night Watchman Tour in Rothenburg

Really wonderful tour guide -- funny and knowledgeable
The walking Night Watchman tour in Rothenburg takes place every night and is one of those things you're not supposed to miss -- and I had a voucher as part of my tour package. Despite the rain, there were a lot of people that took the 1-hour tour and it was totally worthwhile. History but with a great deal of humor.
Lots of people with their umbrellas

The tour started in the Marktplatz (entire post to follow) and went around the city where various landmarks and buildings were pointed out. I especially liked it when we went out through the city gates to the outer wall where these troughs were set at specific intervals. Boiling oil or tar could be poured into the roughs to spill down on invaders from below. Remarkable that so much of this is still here.

Following this walk in the rain, I was ready for a nice, long, hot bath!

One of the cement troughs on the outer wall

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