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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Year of the Dragon at Bellagio

Year of the Dragon at Bellagio
Display at Bellagio is always incredible
As always when visiting Las Vegas, I like to hit my favorite spots so I started the morning by going to JJs Boulangerie at Paris for breakfast but...the first of many changes.  It is no longer the lovely little bakery and eatery -- now it's pizza and a few baked goods.  Very disappointing!  So I had a crepe, which was very good but not what I had intended.  Then, I headed over to Bellagio to view the conservatory and here, at least, I was not disappointed.  It is clearly the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese calendar and the decorations are celebrating the new year.
Other than being rather more crowded than I would have expected, it was really lovely to be back inside Bellagio.  The conservatory did not disappoint; full of beautiful flowers and wonderful decorations that moved and smoke coming from the dragons.  Water sprayed across the walkways, and it was nice and sunny so the lighting inside was really lovely.

Note:  I'm always surprised at the $100 minimum blackjack tables being right on the aisle!

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