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Friday, February 3, 2012

Movie Day at The Orleans

Today I decided to go to the movie theatre at the Orleans and had to take a cab.  I was there much too early, so I played some Blackjack first, then I was able to get into the movie for $7 because it was the first showing of the day.  I saw 'The Woman in Black', which was really good (and a new release -- not on the Oscar list) but, after hitting the bathroom following the film, I realized that 'The Iron Lady' was just starting so I slipped into that one -- saving myself $8.  I know it was a sneaky thing to do, but I had already spent $17 on popcorn and soda which was outrageous!

Anyway, I enjoyed both films and the $13 I won at Blackjack, but the $30 in cab fares (to and from) certainly made it a pricey day.  When I got back, Jeff and Travis were in the bar so I joined them for drinks; then I was running Jeff's stuff up to the room when I found a gambling ticket on the floor that someone had obviously dropped.  I was pretty surprised when I turned it over and saw that it was $19.70.  Overall, then, I didn't do too badly on the day!

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