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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tired of Vegas?!

I think I'm over Las Vegas.  It's sad, really, because it has always been one of our favorite places to visit.  Maybe it's just the fact that we're here Super Bowl weekend and the place has gotten packed the past two days, or maybe it's all of the changes taking place.  It just seems more sleazy or something.  There are the guys slapping the cards for hookers, of course, but also tables and stands and kiosks everywhere hawking something.  Have they always been there and I didn't notice, or are there more of them because it's Super Bowl weekend, or has Vegas been going downhill and the recession has forced this 'make money in any way possible' mentality?  Maybe it's just this corner of the Strip where we always stay -- I think maybe downtown might be a better choice next time.

Anyway, Jeff finished at noon today so we were able to walk around a bit down toward the MGM end of the strip and spotted some new electronic craps games that look like they could be fun.  We didn't try them, but I think we will at a later time.  Eventually, we ended up at Ellis Island and played a lot of blackjack.  I was doing really well -- and then I wasn't.  But Jeff ended up doing pretty well and we had a lot of fun anyway.

The weather has been pretty chilly for our trip this time, and we're headed home to snow and cold.  Guess we'll need to think of another vacation soon!

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