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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Travel Videos

I really loved my trip to England last year, and cannot wait to go back.  I recently got some videos from the library just to refresh my memory of the things that I saw, and maybe get a few ideas for the next trip. [Note:  I had originally planned to go back next year (2012) after the Olympics are over.  However, we're going on a cruise in January and I'm going to Alaska on a cruise in August, and we may go to Mexico in May so I'm not sure I can fit in another big trip.  We'll see.]

Anyway, the videos are:
  • London:  City of Majesty (I like this one but it has terrible reviews on amazon)
  • Rice Steves' Europe / Britain & Ireland (but I'm just watching the England parts now -- I'll save Ireland, Wales, and Scotland for another time).  This one has some pretty good travel information.
  • England (by Globe Trekker) Note:  Glastonbury is a little 'new age' for me
  • Europe to the Max:  London and Beyond
 I absolutely have to go to Dover and Canterbury next time!

I also started reading the souvenir guides that I bought at the various castles and cathedrals (finally).  Turns out that I didn't get guidebooks for Hampton Court, Windsor Castle, and Westminster Abbey -- but I found them for sale through amazon so I snapped them up to make my collection complete.  I think I actually saved money and I didn't have to carry them home in my luggage!  A pretty good deal, really.

With those cruise coming up in 2011, I also got some materials to do research prior to going:
  • video from library:  Cruise Western Caribbean
  • book from B&N:  Caribbean Ports of Call 2011
  • video from library:  Cruise Alaska
  • book from B&N:  The Alaska Cruise Handbook
  • video from library:  Cruising Europe's Great Rivers (because this is something that I really want to do in the very near future)
I also picked up a little book to carry around:  Rough Guide Phrasebook - Mexican Spanish.  I'm thinking that it will come in handy when we stop in Mexico (and if we go to Mexico in May for the wedding of Doug and Debbie's daughter), and I need to pick up more Mexican anyway!

Now, I need to get going on the research for our January cruise so I can book some excursions!

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