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Friday, February 15, 2013

Florida Break from the Winter

I just can't believe the amount of traveling that I've been doing since the first of the year.  This is another driving trip.  Mom went to Florida in December for the winter months and I had mentioned that, when I came down for a visit, maybe Tom & Sylvia would like to go along.  We've spent the past several weeks getting everything planned as we also wanted to coordinate so we overlap the time that Susie and Doug will be down there.  Got it all planned out and I headed over to Rice Lake on Tuesday to stay overnight with the plan to pick up Tom & Sylvia on Wednesday morning.

Mom had been hoping that I could grab a tote full of photographs from the storage unit as she would work on getting them organized over the next couple of months.  So I guess that was on my mind when I went to bed on Tuesday night because I ended up dreaming that I was in the storage unit when someone closed the door and locked me in and stole my car.  I actually work up so I guess it was a nightmare!  Then, I couldn't get back to sleep so I got up really early so I could get everything done and be over to Tom's by 8 a.m.  When I went to the storage unit, I backed my car up under the open door so it couldn't be closed and kept my car keys in my pocket.  It seemed a little ridiculous in the light of day, but better safe than sorry.

So I got over to Tom's and, having told Sylvia to pack light since we'd be able to do laundry in Florida, we had a pretty good laugh over her huge suitcase!  Got on the road, though, and made it to the Dells for lunch at Buffalo Phil's and stopped somewhere later at a Cracker Barrel for dinner.  As a result of the stopping, we didn't get as far as I had planned (Elizabethtown, KY) when we stopped for the night.  I was pretty tired after not sleeping the night before.  Good hotel, good night's sleep and we were off again.

Today was really a long day as we really wanted to get to Florida rather than staying in another hotel.  We only stopped for gas, food, and bathroom breaks doing all of our eating in the car.  The drive between Nashville and Chattanooga was beautiful, as always, and we had no weather or traffic trouble anywhere around Chicago or Nashville or Atlanta or, really, anywhere along the route.  Finally got to Florida, though, in the evening and just want to sleep for a month!

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